The shop

A wide range of local and UK produce

Located in the heart of the village of Roadwater, just inside Exmoor National Park, our community shop provides an essential retail and post office service for local residents and visitors.

We stock basic household goods, newspapers, stationery and locally made cards, plus a wide range of food items, including fresh vegetables, preserves, dairy products, frozen foods and bakery items, much of this from local suppliers.

Whether you are a resident or visiting you can be sure of a friendly welcome. Our shop was set up with the vision of being sustainable as a community owned and run enterprise serving the everyday shopping needs of residents and the wider rural community and enhancing the life of the village by acting as a social and information hub.

The shop is operated by a team of nine part-time paid staff and over 50 volunteers. There is a real sense of community ownership and pride in the enterprise, with many people contributing in different ways, such as serving in the shop and café, managing the garden, maintaining the building, advising on health and safety and government regulations.

We aim to be inclusive and responsive to community needs, promoting green practices, enhancing local tourism, providing job and work experience opportunities and supporting local businesses.

Locally made cards and stationery
We use local suppliers where possible
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Personal service at the till
Plenty of choice of tea and coffee
Fresh fruit and vegetables from local suppliers
A thriving Post Office with a full range of services