run by the community, for the community

A shop, Post Office and café nestled in Exmoor National Park

There is a real sense of community ownership and pride in the shop, with many people contributing in different ways.

We aim to be an inclusive enterprise that is responsive to community needs, promotes green practices, enhances local tourism, provides jobs and work experience opportunities for local youth and supports development of local businesses.

Refillable household cleaners
Welcome refreshments
Information hub
Locally produced cards

Social impact

The CBS exists for the benefit of the community. At its most basic this means providing an essential local retail service and responding to suggestions as best we can.

The café/ information hub is an important centre for socialising, which is especially valued by older people living alone and for people new to the village.

When profits are sufficient, we provide grants to local projects that are judged to be beneficial to the life of the community.

Environmental impact

One of our core aims is to minimise our environmental impact and to act as a model and information source for good practice. To this end we stock as much produce from local suppliers as possible, use paper bags rather than plastic for loose items, sell re-usable shopping bags and provide refillable milk in glass bottles and a range of refillable household cleaners.

Solar panels were installed in 2019 and we are registered with the national Water Refill App, which publicises the shop as a place where visitors/ walkers/ cyclists can refill their water bottles free of charge.

Milk refill station