From the Beginning - January 2015 - July 2018

After the sudden, unexpected death of the owner, the thriving village shop remained trading. Within a few months it was put up for sale but there was no immediate buyer and to prevent closure the Village stepped in.


Roadwater Community Shop Limited was quickly formed. £36K was raised in shares to purchase stock and lease the shop until further decisions could be made on the shop's future. (June 2015). Until the summer of 2018 the shop was managed by a group of directors. The original part-time staff stayed on and along with over 40 volunteers organised the daily running of the shop.

The business remained for sale but as time passed it became apparent that, for the shop to be a success as a community enterprise, a new trading model was required. To achieve this a completely new steering group was formed to investigate the feasibility of buying the whole property outright on a freehold basis. The steering group recommended formation of a Community Benefit Society (CBS) (also advocated by the Plunkett Foundation of which the shop is now a member.) At a village meeting in April 2017, attended by 102 residents, there was unanimous agreement to                                                                            


  • form a CBS for the purchase of the shop and flat.

  • create a new share offer for the CBS to initiate purchase.

  • continue to lease the shop until there were sufficient funds to purchase the business.

  • gradually transfer responsibilities for shop management from Roadwater Community Shop Limited to the CBS.

  • close down the original company and repay the original shares on successful purchase of the business by the CBS.

The steering group members became the management committee of the new CBS and on JULY 1st 2018 completed purchase of the shop for the village. All future trading activity will be for community benefit.

September - December 2019 - The Shop was rebuilt
Refurbishment and extension of the shop and post office. We created a cafe area.



Ann, Julia, Lynne, Ali, Jacqui, Sarah, Mary, Steve, Ruby, Ashlyn,

CBS Management -
New Team members elected October 2021 

Current CBS management =

Mary, Cherry, Di, Karl, Simon, Bruce,Sheila

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